moncler outlet uk Governor takes aerial tour of floods

Voyage au pays des infertiles: 9 mois dans la vie d'une psy

Governor takes aerial tour of floods

Gov. Nikki Haley took an aerial tour of areas near the coast and warned coastal residents to monitor rivers swelling during the next couple of days as the mass of rainwater works its way toward the ocean.

"While the sun is shining, we want to remind everybody the waters are flowing down. We very much flew over and saw that water flowing. We see what coming," she told reporters Wednesday in coastal Horry County.

Lt. Curtis Wilson with the Richland County Sheriff Department says there was a barricade on the road but it was in the wrong lane. Regardless, Wilson said the workers should not have been driving because there was a curfew in place. Corman Railroad Group. Company spokesman Noel Rush said the men were among about 95 workers the company had sent to the area to repair a washed out railroad for Norfolk Southern. on Wednesday.

One of the men who died was from Lexington, Kentucky, and the other was from Chesapeake, Ohio. The company did not release their names.

A company jet flew the three who survived back to Kentucky, where they met with their families and grief counselors Wednesday.

South Carolina National Guard and Columbia utility crews have paused work dropping sandbags on a breach in the city canal.

A break in the levee that separates the canal from the Congaree River was brought on by the massive rainstorms and has threatened the water supply of 375,000 people in the city.

Guard spokeswoman Col. Cindi King said work was suspended because of issues with nearby power lines and what she called "shifting earth."

Roberta Albers walks around her home after the floodwaters start to recede at French Quarter Creek i said officials from South Carolina Electric and Gas were evaluating the stability of the situation.

She said they hoped to resume Thursday morning.

The operation involved moving heaving track hoes into place, which were to assist dropping a barge into the canal to reinforce it. Also, heavy rock bags and sand bags were being placed along portions of the levee and into the break in the canal.

King said about 100 heavy bags had been dropped by CH 47 Chinook helicopters by the time the operation was paused.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said divers found the bodies of 58 year old Robert Vance of Lexington, Kentucky, and 53 year old Ricky McDonald of Chesapeake, Ohio, on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday and hit a 20 foot section of road that had been washed out, plunging into the floodwaters below. The other three men swam to safety.

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